Hi, my name is Daniel Gut and I'm based in Switzerland. Currently I'm working as an ICT architect at GIA Informatik AG - a swiss IT service provider. My focus is on management and automation of data center infrastructure and enterprise clients.

While working over 15 years in this business I acquired valuable knowledge and experience. The intersection of software development and system engineering in the automation business is especially interesting as it allowed me to experience two different point of views. Over the last couple of years the requirements of both fields changed quite a bit. IT is no longer just a supporting tool - it is the foundation of a growing market. Digital transformation enables new business models which couldn't exist without today's infrastructure. This dependency requires a complete new level of reliable and professional systems.

To enable this requirements, workflows and tools need to adapt too. That's where I got the idea of this blog. How should a next generation system engineer look like? What tools should he use? And what is his role in the future?
I think there are some very interesting topics happening in the developer space which most system engineers overlook. I'm trying to adapt this concepts and make them accessible for system engineers. Not everything works for everyone. I'm not here to sell you ideas - I'm here to inspire you.

You can find me always on twitter @danielgut

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